Just as we are…….

“Just as we are, so we want them to be. We would be incomplete without Each Other. If they are to be one and complete, then they need each other. Without each other they will be incomplete.”

“Yes, I can’t do anything on My own. I need You to fulfil me.”

“True too, as I live in You, so You are able to do what Father has asked. Indeed, You do only that which He would have You do.”

“This is true. But then I created, fathered You in the first place. Does this mean there was a time when You were not? No. Like Me, You have always been.”

“”But there is a question. Can they know each other as well as We know Each Other?”

“No. You see, We, although different in person, are one in essence.”

“OK, so there will be a difference. Is there a way that they can enjoy that Oneness that We have?”

“No, not really. The closest they will get is by Your indwelling, enabling them to do that which Father desires and wills for them.”

“So Adam will lead? Just as Father leads? Does this mean Adam will be boss?”


” You are a servant leader. So will Adam and his kind be. You Son, My glory is in You. Your church is the bride. She will be his bride. His glory will be in her. She will be his helper. She won’t be his door mat. After all there are no door mats between Us. We each have a unique position and purpose. So it will be with them. He will love her as We love the church. And as You know, it will cost You Your life for a time.”

“So then, he must be prepared to put her first and sacrifice his own desires for her.”

“Yes, that is My desire. As it is with Us, so I want for them. Remember I am creating them in Our image and likeness. Not as We are, but in Our image. We each have an identity. So will they. They will be in Our image and likeness. They cant be as We are. We have always been. They have a starting point, a finite position.”

“Good, so let it be.”

And He spoke and it was.

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The Ache

They understood his ache. It was a pointer to a future event at which They also would be separated. It would be very brief, but extremely painful. They too ached. Deep within Themselves. Although it was future it was also present right now. It hurt.

Of course They understood how necessary it was. For Adam and his generations and the choices they would make, it had to be this way. We are so comfortable win Ourselves it would be all the more painful.

“We can ease that ache. Let Us complete Adam. It is not good that he be on his own. We can give him his balance. He cannot reproduce on his own. But with his completeness this will be possible, in fact as it ought to be. Cow is able to produce more cattle, snake also. The leviathan also. But let Us do more than this. Let Us make man in our own image. Just as We are complete in our trinity, let Us make woman to complete man. She will be his helper. Like We are, she should walk beside him.”

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In the beggining.

They were eternal. Now. No beginning to end. It was always now for them. A day was as a thousands years and at the same time, a thousand years as one day. They didn’t think temporally. They could and did look at the whole.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1

And in the cool of the evening He took on the form of a human. He walked and talked with them. He loved them. He gave them the keys to the earth. They could have appeared to them any time, but chose the evening.

But it wasn’t always like that. For a while he walked alone with the other created animals. He let him name them. They walked before him and as they did he named them and He remembered and what he had named them they became known.

He was lonely. He couldn’t articulate that. He didn’t know what it meant this strange feeling. He couldn’t talk with cow or goat. They didn’t understand. They didn’t respond. They were different. They loved in a defined way. They had no option. He spoke and they did.

But with him it was different. He had the ability to choose. He could love, or not. He was capable of expressing emotions. He gave him that ability because He wanted him to be able to express his love for Him. He was to be an expression of his Creator.

“He who has seen Me has seen the Father;” – “but the Father who dwells in Me does the works.” John 10 and 14.

He enjoyed sweet fellowship with Them. But still he was lonely for another. One who he could lay eyes on all the time. One he could walk with, talk with, share with. It wasn’t that he didn’t want Them or love Them. They were the centre of his life. He owed all he was to Them. But they weren’t his kind. Like goat, camel, lion and lamb, They were different. They communicated better between Them.

And he ached. Deep within his soul he ached.

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